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In the southeastern corner of Europe, the small country of Albania is covered by more than 700,000 bunkers—that’s 1 bunker for every 4 Albanians. The bunkers were built at enormous cost between 1967 and 1985 as part of the paranoid national defense strategy of the country’s longtime communist dictator, Enver Hoxha. Though the bunkers saturate the country from its beaches to its city streets, they were of little military value and were never used during Hoxha’s 40 year rule. Due to the cost and difficulty of removing the bunkers they still remain. They now serve as tourist attractions, homes, make-out spots, but mostly, they’re eyesores.
The photos seen here are by Dutch photographer David Galjaard, who began documenting the bunkers back in 2008. He has assembled his photographs in Concresco, a 2012 photo book.
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RIP Toren Smith

"Toren was a fascinating guy, the founder of Studio Proteus and arguably one of the most important figures in the entire history of the English-language manga industry. Please take a few minutes to read this personal tribute from his friend Jonathen Clements - it paints a picture of a unique and exciting life, and fills in details about the earliest days of manga and anime fandom in America. The instrumental role Toren had in American comics history (alongside folks like Same Hat heroes Fred Schodt, Fred Patton, and others) can't be overstated.
If you were a manga/anime nerd in the '90s like me, and enjoyed any of the following Studio Proteus-powered titles, please remember Toren Smith today and keep his family and friends in your thoughts:

 - Images / Text from SAME HAT

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 Bike Design - Paulo De Giusti

It is not a folding bike, nor is it an electric- or battery-powered bike. It is not iOS-ready. You can't plug your music/phone/camera into it. This is the XXXVI DG - quite simply, this is a bicycle. Two wheels. Two pedals. One Seat. Inspired by bicycles for bicycle lovers, combining traditional elements and components in an unconventional yet innovative way. The frame takes its shape from a simple desire for asymmetric aesthetics, while at the same time providing a stable cave-like covering for the wheels and preserving the bicycle's ergonomic features. The 36" wheels are, themselves, blasts from the past, having been commonplace many years ago for their uniquely smooth, relaxed and sturdy rolling, perfect for the everyday cruiser. 
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Design 4 Lyfe

It looks like my favorite bag makers have gone and got themselves a respectable web site up and running. Please check out their goods !
If you are in the market for a quality messenger bag, rucksack, rolltop, or backpack, I could not recommend anyone as highly as these folks! They will treat you right. 

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The Artwork of Dan Burgess

Art 4 Lyfe

 The Woodwork of McNabb & Co.


"I’m an intense person.
I’ve been hearing that from people since I was a little kid. Rather than try to fight it, I embrace it, and work as hard as possible to show the world what that intensity can produce when fostered and developed. The work I make is the result of my desire to be the best at what I do. I observe the world around me, immerse myself in culture, and adapt to the challenges life presents to me. Lately, I have been inspired by cityscapes and what the city represents to me. I am exploring my own way of representing the urban landscape using the skills and techniques I have developed during my training as a woodworker and furniture maker. To me, the city represents the land of endless possibilities, a place where people go to make something out of nothing in search of fortune and fame. I aim to reflect those feelings when I put my headphones on, turn on the band saw, and make these objects. I get into my zone and all the stresses of the world go away. It’s meditative and therapeutic, a way to express my intensity through the act of making. The result is a composition of abstract architectural forms, no two alike, all from discarded scrap wood. It’s the epitomy of making something out of nothing. They are my wooden cityscapes and my land of endless possibilities.
The best has yet to come."

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Chocolate Skateboards is releasing four new decks called the Highway Men series. Consisting of four decks / t-shirts. Honoring legends (left to right) Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson.