Art 4 Lyfe

 The Woodwork of McNabb & Co.


"I’m an intense person.
I’ve been hearing that from people since I was a little kid. Rather than try to fight it, I embrace it, and work as hard as possible to show the world what that intensity can produce when fostered and developed. The work I make is the result of my desire to be the best at what I do. I observe the world around me, immerse myself in culture, and adapt to the challenges life presents to me. Lately, I have been inspired by cityscapes and what the city represents to me. I am exploring my own way of representing the urban landscape using the skills and techniques I have developed during my training as a woodworker and furniture maker. To me, the city represents the land of endless possibilities, a place where people go to make something out of nothing in search of fortune and fame. I aim to reflect those feelings when I put my headphones on, turn on the band saw, and make these objects. I get into my zone and all the stresses of the world go away. It’s meditative and therapeutic, a way to express my intensity through the act of making. The result is a composition of abstract architectural forms, no two alike, all from discarded scrap wood. It’s the epitomy of making something out of nothing. They are my wooden cityscapes and my land of endless possibilities.
The best has yet to come."